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about our company 

StephanieFaitrouni is a company with an experienced team that understands business, has a passion for creativity, and is driven by results. Specializing in a hand full of event organization and communication services, we develop strategies and ideas based on our decades of experience in these niches. Simply put, Steph knows your industry better than any other company out there.

Leverage our special combination of industry-wide organizational and brand marketing expertise, which focuses on delivering proven strategies that generate results.

We operate globally, offering our services in different languages, including French, English, Spanish, and Arabic. We are a good fit for your project because we are focused on developing lasting partnerships in such a way that our team functions as a valued extension of yours. Are you looking to outsource your marketing, event organizing, and communications tasks ? Steph has the initiatives, resources, and expertise to help you.

Partner with us today for a long term successful relationship. We have unparalleled expertise that provides practical solutions to real-world problems. We’ll encourage you to challenge the norms, explore new tactics and ideas in order to achieve results you once thought were unattainable.

words from steph

” Belgian girl of Lebanese and Sicilian origin, passionate about creation, graduated from IHECS, and after a successful experience in communication and events, I decided to create my owner company that sticks to my values and philosophy.

Stéphanie Faitrouni

We believe in a different kind of agency.

An agency close to its clients where trust is innate and not to be built, a springboard agency.

We dare to believe in a different way of working.

Being emotionally alive and resonating with our clients to achieve true synergy.

This is our definition of sustainable business.